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Financial Coach Certification: Certified Financial Coach – U.K. ™

The Certified Financial Coach – U.K. ™ certification program equips individuals to acquire the expertise, credibility, and self-assurance they need to be competent as financial coaches. Through our proven curriculum, individuals can confidently provide high-quality financial coaching services.

Because each person has his or her own pre-existing financial habits, relationship with money, and current financial situation, working with people as a financial coach requires specialized expertise. To help you build the skills you need and gain coaching experience, the Certified Financial Coach ™ certification program was developed to achieve better results among clients who participate in your coaching service.

This program is for those individuals who want to gain the skills they need to be effective financial coaches and build their credibility with respected credentials.

It provides an opportunity for people who are involved in advisory roles to acquire another skill with which they can support their existing expertise.

This is specially designed for people who are in financial services, or other professionals – to help you stand out from others by becoming a Certified Financial Coach – U.K ™.

Coaching is the in-world in the new economy. This is now the HOTTEST profession in the region.

We take care of your <b><u>career</u></b>

We take care of your career

This training is awarded by the International Professional Managers Association, U.K. which enables participants to develop and build upon the skill sets necessary to become effective coaches, thereby increasing the impact on positive client outcomes.

We prepare our participants to help their clients to identify gaps, set and achieve financial goals, avoid mistakes and make good decisions, build financial models, and so much more.

This is a complete program to help our participants get into the financial coaching profession which includes business and marketing.

Our program offers practical steps, processes and strategies toward starting and growing your financial coaching business.

Why Become A Financial Coach

Some of the reasons


To fulfil your passion to help others to improve their financial well-being.


To tap on the potentials of financial coaching.


Build lasting and trusting relations and hence add more value to their client.


Acquire a better understanding of personal  financial management and gain better knowledge of the consequences of strategic  financial decisions.


Gain the understanding to confidently coach clients with financial issues.


Enhance leadership and communication skills and abilities through deepening coaching capability.

We Make A Difference

Build on your
your expertise

Focus on your core skill sets and pursue one specific career path!

Expand your professional skills to align with your true passions and interests, then take action to earn an income doing what you love.

Challenge yourself to dive deeper into your true passions and discover new interests that align with your skills, drive, and expertise.

Our process

4 main values of
financial coach




Educate clients to manage their wealth



Enable clients to multiply and protect their wealth effectively



Coach clients to review and realise an appropriate Money Mindset


Money Leveraged

Provide insights to clients to harness the power of Money Leveraged

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