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Patrick Luah - Charted Accountant and tax advisor

This program is highly recommended for people who wish to gain a profile in financial coaching because this is a new coaching skill for the future in finding our own niche to serve the community better. TQ

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Patrick LuahCharted Accountant and tax advisor
YM Ong - Senior Controller

It has been such a wonderful time attended different modules from every class. I felt more engaged, motivated, and excited about my role as an effected coach. It was indeed an enjoyable and valuable experience.

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YM OngSenior Controller
Siti Salehatun Musa - Unit Trust Consultant (Islamic financial planner)

By joining this program has enhanced my knowledge, my skills and in dept understanding of client needs and wants. And I am more confident now in helping them to achieve their financial goals.

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Siti Salehatun MusaUnit Trust Consultant (Islamic financial planner)
Rumi Yeo - Financial Planner

I strongly encourage for those who are already in a financial planning business to really consider financial coach as this will add value for your client instead of you giving them a fish to eat.

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Rumi YeoFinancial Planner
One of the key takeaway I have is the Structural Change Behaviour because it’s struck me and make me realize why my client behave like this. It’s quite hard to change our habits because we don’t change our internal structural so it has gave me a lot of insights.

Nadiya Ali

Private Equity Agent
I did the timeline exercise. Before I do it right, I dint feel is something important, but after I did it right I felt like that there were a lot of incidences that actually shape my belief and change my attitude towards money that I've kind of forgotten about. So I personally find it could be quite useful for client to find out what actually cause them to have the kind of money believe that they are having. And why they are behaving like that towards money.

Tan Yuet Chi

Unit Trust Consultant
I have learned how to listen to them. change our way of communication, so they will continue to engage with us, and then we'll start to understand them also. So I feel like it's a very powerful actually. It works for me. I started to listen more to people instead of just speaking.


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